Main diseases in poultry farming. Viral infections

Bacteriologia, virologia, parasitologia veterinari
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Viral diseases entail great losses to poultry industry as they can
reduce flock performance, productivity and profits without appearing
as overt clinical diseases. Viruses can cause primary tissue
damage and open the gates for other infectious agents (bacteria,
mycoplasmas...). Therefore, effective biosecurity measures and
vaccination programs are required to maintain a healthy immune
status within the flock. This handy and rigorous book is focused
on the main viral infections in poultry farming and includes the
most updated information as well as numerous graphic resources
(high quality images, graphs, flow charts) to better understand
the content. The book has been written by an author with a wide
experience in the study of these infections and their management
and control in the field. Its format makes the contents more
understandable and accessible to readers.