Manual of diode laser in dentistry and stomatology

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The diode laser is a versatile and effective solution for oral tissue care. The

advantages are manifold such as: faster healing, reduced risk of infection, and post-

operative complications. In addition, sessions are not stressful for patients due to

their mini-invasiveness with reduced intraoperative and postoperative pain

perception. Thanks to these benefits, the use of the diode laser is spreading and

opens up new treatment possibilities in various areas of dentistry: from

endodontics to periodontology; from oral surgery to aesthetic treatments such as

teeth whitening. The book responds to the needs of those clinicians who seek

specific and updated training on the use of the diode laser. An extensive set of

images describes clinical applications in detail, offering professionals a

comprehensive learning tool and a useful resource in daily practice. It is also

possible to access videos on specific topics covered in the text from a smartphone

or tablet via the QR codes printed inside this book.